Calling All Edmodo Enthusiasts

Are you a tech-savvy teacher with a stellar story to share about how you have used Edmodo to transform teaching and learning in your classroom, community or beyond? If so, then apply to present at our 7th Annual EdmodoCon, the educational professional development event of the year.

Submissions are due on April 17, so submit your proposal today! Selected speakers will be flown to Edmodo headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area, all expenses paid!

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About EdmodoCon

EdmodoCon is a live online global event where educators from around the world connect with each other to share how they’re using Edmodo and other digital tools to personalize learning. The educational professional development event of the year, EdmodoCon will help you collaborate with other teachers, discover valuable new resources, and harness the power of edtech in your classroom.

When is EdmodoCon?

This year, EdmodoCon 2017 is Tuesday, August 1 (Pacific Time).

Who will be speaking at EdmodoCon?

The event will kick-off with a keynote from an Edmodo executive. Then, selected speakers will present to our worldwide online audience. We are in the process of accepting and reviewing applications, and will update the website once all our EdmodoCon presenters are chosen

Will I receive an Edmodo badge for participating?

Yes. To receive a badge, you must take two actions. You must first register for EdmodoCon using the email address associated with your Edmodo account. Then, on August 1, you must use that same email address to login and view EdmodoCon. If you can perform both these actions, an EdmodoCon badge of participation will automatically be added to your Edmodo profile in the days following the event.

How can I receive updates about EdmodoCon?

Join the EdmodoCon topic! To join, login to your Edmodo account, go to the EdmodoCon topic and click "Follow" in the upper right. For additional updates about selected speakers and registration information, please subscribe to our blog

Will I get a certificate after participating in EdmodoCon?

Yes. A certificate of attendance will be made available for download after the event

Will EdmodoCon be recorded?

Yes. Recordings of each presentation will be made available to all registrants in the days following EdmodoCon. Be sure to register here to access the live or recorded videos

“Because of EdmodoCon, I have been published in Edtech Digest, presented at conferences in and out of state, and have been able to bring a whole new level of credibility to what I do as classroom teacher. The Edmodo team sought out ways for me to continue to share my Edmodo story with anyone who would listen.”

John Choins (2016), Waco, Texas, EdmodoCon 2016

“EdmodoCon was an absolute blast! I know that a lot of time, effort and planning went into this event, and it shows! I felt invigorated for the upcoming school year.”

Jennifer Kindred (2015), Ventura, California

“I’m a pretty introverted guy and had never gotten to present in front of others before. EdmodoCon made such a big difference in my life and in the lives of my students! After EdmodoCon, my Twitter feed blew up. I was a 24-hour celebrity! I also received a little publicity at my school district, and that led me to getting the job I have now as an instructional coach with a technology focus.”

Randy Fairfield (2015), Richland, Washington

“As a speaker at EdmodoCon, I met so many amazing people: Edmodo staff and teachers from all over the world. I got to learn so many new and interesting ideas! Thank you, Edmodo, for your creativity, for taking care of us and for your big, big hearts! It was an experience I will never forget!”

Iwona Kowalik (2016), Wroclaw, Poland

How to Participate

To get the most out of EdmodoCon 2017 before, during and and after the event, be sure to register ahead of time and then join the EdmodoCon Topic to connect with other attendees, get to know the speakers, take part in lively discussions, get real-time updates and more!

EdmodoCon is a webcast so you'll need to login to view the speaker presentations. We also encourage you to participate by joining the discussions on Edmodo! Each session will have a designated Edmodo Topic associated with it, which we will publicize once we have speakers.

When it comes to learning, we all know that we learn better together! Over the years, we've seen people make the most of EdmodoCon by hosting viewing parties alongside other educators within their schools and communities. Whether you are new to Edmodo or an edtech expert, register your EdmodoCon Viewing Party here and check out the EdmodoCon Topic to connect with other educators and find ideas on how to host a fun and successful viewing party!

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